May 2018 Spotlight Author Tish MacWebber

Author Tish MacWebber writes for all ages. She is currently planning to write fantasy as well as some sci-fi in the future.

Tish MacWebber is full of surprises. Since November of 2016, she has been on a journey of self-discovery, which revealed that she was born to be a writer! In her spare time, she designs beadwork jewelry and ornaments. She is working very hard to combine her love for writing with her talent for designing jewelry on her website. She is writing one of six books that will allow her to share her stories with the world and was recently a Featured Creative in the Creatives Rising E-Zine Spring 2018 Issue. Originally from Cape Breton Island, she draws inspiration from the ocean and loves to be at the beach.                 

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When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she plans to overcome them Author Tish MacWebber had this to say:

That is an excellent question, Deedra. I think that writers share a common struggle. The biggest obstacle standing in our way is ourselves. Once we accept that the only thing stopping us is our own self-doubts and inner critics, the struggle then turns into overcoming these issues. These problems can appear as burn out, or writer’s block or any number of reasons why an author would stop writing. They are not easy to overcome, and many writers succumb to the negative self-doubt and the impostor syndrome.

I struggle with procrastination…which leads to many unfinished projects in my creative pursuits. I sometimes struggle with a lack of focus and can get distracted easily. I often have the best of intentions, to go back to a project and finish it later. For me, I need to develop discipline and force myself to finish what I have started.

Authors need to be in touch with their sensitive side, but also have a thick skin. This is a difficult balancing act, with more people having access to social media. I have had a few negative comments in my journey. However, I won’t let them stop me. I may take criticism into consideration, but I won’t let it make me quit. I have stories to tell, and that is my gift. Nobody is going to make me remain silent, as one of the many people in the world that wants to write books but never actually accomplishes that goal. Writing is what I am meant to do when I focus on that; my heart tells me to keep writing.

I have learned a few tricks along the way. I know that if I have music playing, it helps me to increase my focus. I can use the music as background noise to focus better on what I need to be working on. Any reason that I can come up with to avoid writing is just an excuse. I don’t need a reason. I have a Work In Progress (WIP) that needs me to finish it. I have more than one story to tell, and I need to write them so that people can read them. I need to keep telling myself that, and then take action.

The bottom line for me is to allow myself to take breaks from my projects, but not indefinitely. Sometimes that requires me pushing my limits and boundaries. I have been successful at Blogging, and am in the process learning how to improve upon the work I have done so far in building my own website. I have no official training for either of those projects; I am learning as I go. When I apply the same determination to succeed to my writing, it will happen. I need to believe in myself, and then keep taking action. One day I will surprise myself with the result of all of my work; I will then be a published author. It’s all up to me.

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